Miro’s papier collés and Arp’s papiers déchirés; Ernst’s collage-découpages and Hugnet’s poèms-découpages; the anatomical chart and the advertising slogan, the Romantic print alongside the sales catalogue, the telephone directory and the poem; Dali’s disguised collages, false collages, stone collages; the lugubrious game, the definitions game, the hypothesis game; surrealist journals and exhibitions, walks, letters and advertisements; Breton’s collage texts or Ernst and Ernst’s texts on Ernst; Magritte’s mental collages or Ernst’s painted collages; Eluard’s photocollages and Valentin’s photomontages; monsters, masks and machines; bachelor machines, hundred-headless women; disarticulated dolls; the meeting of a cardinal and a monumental nude, or corpses and a sewing machine on a battlefield; Loplop, Perturbation, Germinal and other exquisite corpses...
— Elza Adamowicz / Towards A Definition Of Surrealist Collage


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