Color. To get closer to color — to get closer to Nature. Goethe experienced this as both a physicist and as a poet of genius.
On earth, the sea of evanescent blue and the yellow desert are laboriously separated. Blue and yellow are color’s first appearances from the colored totality of darkness and light, the incommensurable sphere of the firmament and the finite sphere of the earth, the first formation of primary colors, blue and yellow. Then the accompaniment of blue and yellow becomes possible: green, plant, multiplied growth. The sea and sky continue to be the symbol of the spirit, ultimately the symbol of man....
— Geta Brătescu | Apparitions
Miro’s papier collés and Arp’s papiers déchirés; Ernst’s collage-découpages and Hugnet’s poèms-découpages; the anatomical chart and the advertising slogan, the Romantic print alongside the sales catalogue, the telephone directory and the poem; Dali’s disguised collages, false collages, stone collages; the lugubrious game, the definitions game, the hypothesis game; surrealist journals and exhibitions, walks, letters and advertisements; Breton’s collage texts or Ernst and Ernst’s texts on Ernst; Magritte’s mental collages or Ernst’s painted collages; Eluard’s photocollages and Valentin’s photomontages; monsters, masks and machines; bachelor machines, hundred-headless women; disarticulated dolls; the meeting of a cardinal and a monumental nude, or corpses and a sewing machine on a battlefield; Loplop, Perturbation, Germinal and other exquisite corpses...
— Elza Adamowicz / Towards A Definition Of Surrealist Collage


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