Monday's image: February 25, 2019

Craig Kauffman, Le Mur s'en va (The wall goes away), Synthetic polymer on acrylic plastic, 185.4 x 120 x 22.9 centimeters, 1969, Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois

Monday's image: January 28, 2019

Cypro-Classical II, Terracotta head of a woman with a veil, Cypriot, Terracotta, 8.3 centimeters, circa 400-310 B.C., The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Monday's image: January 30, 2017

General Idea, Cornucopia: The Birth of Red, White and Blue from Fear Management, One from a portfolio of eight screenprints, with hand additions, 32 15/16 x 21 15/16 inches, 1987, Museum of Modern Art, New York

Monday's image: October 24, 2016

Kenneth Price, Echo, Fired and painted clay,
12 x 26.5 x 17.75 inches, 1997, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, California