Monday's image: May 13, 2019

Haegue Yang, Series of Vulnerable Arrangements — Domestics of Community, Installation with seven light sculptures composed of clothing rack and shoe rack on casters, light bulbs, cable, knitting yarn, rope, socks, hammock net, aluminum venetian blinds, stainless steel strainer, paint grill, fish grill, plastic tube, plastic packages, plastic funnel, tin, buttons, metal ring, metal sponge, silver tinsel, mardi gras bits, toy spring, garden supply, and sea shells, Dimensions variable, 2009, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Monday's image: May 8, 2017

André-Pierre Arnal, Pliage (Grand triangle bleu et rouge), Glycerophtalic paint sprayed on unstretched canvas, 220 x 440 centimeters, 1971, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France