Monday's image: July 15, 2019

Peter Doig, Untitled, Oil paint on paper, 505 x 685 millimeters, 2008, Tate, U.K.

Monday's image: July 8, 2019

Richard Marquis, Confetti Pyramid, Kiln-formed glass, 20.3 x 28.9 x 28.9 centimeters, 2007, The Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, New York

Monday's image: July 9, 2018

Franz Erhard Walther, Netz (Net), Ochre net, 507 x 154 centimeters, 1963, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Illinois

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Monday's image: July 31, 2017

Jennifer Allora, Guillermo Calzadilla, Balance of Power, Performance, 3 people, Dimensions: none, 2007, Tate, U.K.

Monday's image: June 26, 2017

Austin Mecklem, Engine House and Bunkers, Oil on canvas, 38 x 50.25 inches, 1934, Smithsonian American Art Museum (Transfer from the U.S. Department of Labor), Washington, D.C.

Monday's image: August 22, 2016

Sol LeWitt, Splotch, Fiberglass, construction foam, plywood, epoxy resin, acrylic paint, 6 feet 8 inches x 11 feet x 9 feet, 2003, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pennsylvania

Monday's image: August 8, 2016

Nancy Graves, Canoptic Legerdemain, Brushed stainless steel, aluminum mesh, cast resin, cast paper, aluminum panels, cast epoxy, and color lithograph, 85 x 95 x 36 15/16 inches, 1990, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.